Are you the one?

Do you love Dublin, Texas? Do you want to see Dublin grow? Are you good at communicating, being patient, and working your way around roadblocks? Are you good at keeping things confidential? If so, check out our job description below.

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Position Available: Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Dublin Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director. The salary is based on experience, with a minimum of $36,000 per year. This position reports directly to the DEDC Board of Directors.

Position Summary
Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Provides the ultimate administrative and management function to the organization. The main duty of the Executive Director is to execute the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Standing orders include:
•    Managing the day-to-day operations of the EDC office
•    Formation, approval, and management of the annual budget
•    Maintaining records in a ready-for-audit condition at all times
•    Explaining the available grants and assisting residents in completing the paperwork
•    Gathering, managing, and distributing the information for the monthly Board Of Directors meeting
•    Helping local businesses create and refine business plans
•    Developing relationships with local businesses, and assisting with business retention
•    Attracting new business to Dublin
•    Working with the City Council, Chamber Of Commerce, and other local entities to develop and maintain a healthy business environment that is beneficial to the tax base
•    Working with the Stephenville Economic Development Authority and other regional entities on regional projects


Training/Experience Level
The ideal candidate will have successfully completed the Basic Economic Development Course, Sales Tax training, Freedom of Information training, and Open Meetings Act training. An educational background in communications, marketing, and/or business administration is preferred, as is practical experience in economic development.

Hours/Days of Work
Most of the work can be accomplished in an average 40-hour week. However, this position regularly requires weekend and after-hours work to successfully implement the planned programs and meetings. Occasionally, travel will be required both in and out of the boundaries of DEDC, for varying periods of time.

Special Skills/Abilities/Knowledge
•    Communicate effectively with all audiences including prospects, Board of Directors, City Council and Chamber of Commerce within the DEDC boundaries, staff, and the public
•    Ability to “read the room” - to pick up on subtext and nuance in human communications
•    Ability to develop and make effective presentations

•    Ability to interact with individuals and groups in a cooperative and collaborative manner
•    Can develop consensus and handle adversity
•    Avoids participation in the rumor mill so as to keep the EDC as neutral and fair as possible
•    Willing to temper judgment and give others space to be who they are

•    Ability and knowledge to effectively manage and provide accurate reports on the budget and financial transactions of the organization
•    Demonstrates a basic knowledge of Quickbooks
•    Able to keep physical records organized

Technical Expertise
•    Demonstrates the skills and knowledge to utilize the available technological capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of the organization
•    Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel, with minimal Powerpoint skills
•    Ability to learn software developed specifically for the Executive Director position
•    Ability to manage computer updates, such as antivirus software and operating system updates

•    Ability to effectively implement the short and long range goals of the organization
•    Demonstrates time management and scheduling skills
•    Self-aware as it relates to downtime and recharging to prevent burnout

Responsibilities include but are not limited to… 
•    Strict adherence to the DEDC’s Code of Ethics including confidentiality, non-disclosure, and conflict of interest
•    Serves as the official spokesperson - the “face” - of the DEDC and is responsible for communications with City Council and Chamber of Commerce within the boundaries of DEDC, the DEDC Board of Directors, DEDC staff, and the public
•    Maintains overall responsibility, accountability, and authority for the economic development and tourism efforts for DEDC
•    Administration and management of the organization
•    Development and implementation of strategic plan including the mission, goals, and objectives
•    Management of all DEDC staff and contractors for DEDC programs
•    Budgeting and management of all financial components of DEDC
•    Creation and execution of presentations in various environments with various technologies
•    Creation, organization, and management of community meetings and events, including catering
•    Performing other duties and tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors


About Dublin, Texas
Dublin, Texas, is in central Texas, situated 80 miles from Fort Worth, 90 miles from Abilene, and 90 miles from Waco. Our population fluctuates, but hovers around 3,500-3,800. It will not stay that way much longer!

Dublin’s closest neighbor is the booming town of Stephenville, Texas, home of Tarleton State University. With Fort Worth being the fastest growing city in the United States and the migration of people out of the cities to get away from said growth, people are finding their way down the 377 corridor to Dublin. The first stop is Granbury and it’s full. Stephenville is next, but Tarleton is expanding very rapidly. Both of these factors are pushing people our way. We’re also becoming the unofficial 10-acre horse ranchette capital of central Texas, as out-of-state people discover the relatively low prices of land here compared to their home states, and even other cities in Texas.

These and other factors point to Dublin’s rapid growth in the next two to ten years. The Dublin Economic Development Board Of Directors is searching for someone who can take advantage of these factors to bring Dublin into its full potential during that time, and hopefully beyond.


Please submit all resumes to:
Dublin Economic Development Corporation
104 S. Patrick
Dublin, TX  76446

Or email resume to:

Note: This job description can and will be updated based on the needs of the organization.